Monday, December 10, 2012

Not so typical day.

Sometimes it is fun being a parent. Sometimes. This was one of these days. X had been in a good mood all day. We were at my parents' house and decided to sleep for about 4 hours. If x got any of my genes, it would be my laziness. After we awoke from our siesta, I jumped on my pad and hit the camera app. I was able to catch X trying to eat my toe. He knows how to get on my good side. With that simple smile he is automatically own my good side. I should describe the pain of my toe being bitten as painful as catching your hand between two 45 pound weights at the gym. He really went hard on my foot.

I also want to express that he is mobile. This boy goes zero to sixty in 3 hours. He is just learning to crawl. I was able to catch him looking in his bag and finding his formula. I wasn't able to catch him falling back as I panicked and tried catching him. Luckily my iPad fell on carpet.

All in all these days come by once in a while. Usually the days are filled with dirty diapers and crying spells. It's what makes a family, a family.

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